Sunday, April 13, 2014

The 7 Types of People You Should Never Date

This is just my 2 cents worth. You may or may not agree with me but some of the things that will be listed are mostly what I've gone through, while some are just things that I heard about from friends and I think it should never even be happening.

In no particular order, because it is hard to rank them. It is just as painful as asking me to choose from a rotten apple and a rotten orange.

Here goes...

The One With Bad English
I cannot stand people with bad grammar. I think this is a personal thing. Not many might find it irritating.

The slightest grammar mistakes make me feel as though you are not educated, which I highly doubt so. Everyone, almost everyone has been through PSLE and these silly mistakes SHOULD NOT be happening right now.

Can you even picture yourself sending an E-mail to your boss, with so much grammatical errors? Or let's say you want to send a fan mail to your favourite idol or what not, what will be their reaction be!? You'll probably leave a BIG impression not because you're pretty but your horrible English. To me, it is a joke. Pure joke. I'm not even sorry if I offended of you guilty people, you will get NO WHERE with lousy English.

I will be raging if someone who courts me sends me "Hey girl, I misses you", "Stop it! You annoys me" OMFG please.

The One Who Places Ego Before You
Oh no no no. You know it's trouble when you meet people like this.

Getting into ridiculous argument and want you to please them? And then they decide when they should stop being angry with you? Please. You deserve better than this. You can ask them to fuck off from your life forever.

If you're looking at long term r/s with THIS MUCH ego. Prepare yourself to be at the losing end. Because even if you knew you are NOT in the wrong, you have to pacify, apologise in hope for things to not turn ugly. But you know what? You're throwing away all your pride as a young lady/man just to please a fucking asshole. WHATEVER FOR?

Do you really think it's worth it to make someone you like/love putting themselves so low beneath you really makes you feel good? If you really enjoy the process of being pacified all the time then there is something seriously wrong with you. You don't deserve someone, or rather, ANYONE's effort. You're not ready for a relationship.

The One Who Creates A Scene
I'm referring to the couples who quarrels on the streets, in shopping malls, well, public places I would say.

Seriously... No shame?

DON'T AIR YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC!! Why in the world would you want the whole world to know your problems? Do you think we shoppers give a damn?? I wish someone will enlighten me what good does it do you when you create a scene. Is it to show that you are capable of humiliating your partner? If that's how you gonna justify yourself..... I can only say.. you're so twisted.

The One Who Tortures You Mentally

It's the same as being mindfucked.

You tell them you're hanging with your friends. They seemed cool with it at first. Then all the fucked up attitude, haunting phone calls and messages keep coming in. Tell you this and that in a matter of minutes and get you thinking what the fuck do they actually want.

Switches off phone in the middle of the quarrel. This is the ultimate. You get so infuriated when you keep calling and calling and it just goes to voicemail. And when they finally switch it on, they can answer you calmly "Oh, didn't realise my phone was out of battery" LOL FUCK YOU.

The One Who Dictates
Who you? My boss? My mother? My father?

Yes, substantial amount of dictation is good. I'll consider as wearing the pants in the r/s but you doing that long term? I will get so sick of it. Its like, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST STFU?!

Seriously, who gave you the right to be so bossy all the time? I'm not your employee and I have my last say. You people just have to do it right. If you want your the other half to listen to what you want them to do, don't go "Hurry leh. WHAT YOU DOING?? Why you haven't prepare?? Walao what time liao". Instead, try "Baby it's getting late and I would really like to walk around town with you more. Hurry prepare ok? I help you find clothes, you go wash up ok?" LOOK AT THAT. Wouldn't it be nice if you hear that instead of the constant bossiness in your voice?

The One Who Uses Abusive Language
Never really met anyone like that, but it just came across my mind that it'd be so awful if your partner call you names. Like, bitch, whore, slut, dog. I can't think of anything else lol. I mean, I do call Lester fucker sometimes and of course jokingly. I'll normally say "eh why you so fucker one?" and we both are cool with it because we know it was just a joke and we don't always say that to each other.

But when it turns into a habit to use these words when you're angry, it's wrong. It IS meant as an insult then.

The One Who Stops You From Pursuing What You Like
Definitely not a keeper.

If they want the best for you, they will know that they have to let you go! As hard as it might be, but seriously, who benefits at the end of it? THE BOTH OF YOU! Don't be so short-sighted and think FAR!! If you stop us from doing what we want, there will always be this regret and we'll always be thinking "what if I went ahead?". Why not just take a leap of faith. Anyways, if our hearts are true, you know we'll definitely be back no?

If it comes to a point where they make you choose. YOU BLOODY HELL KNOW THEY ARE NOT THE ONE?! How can one be so selfish to stop someone from achieving something THEY THEMSELVES are not capable of? It just reflects how terrible they are. Don't be sorry to leave, they are just not worth it.


If your r/s has any of the above then.... Either you work it out with your partner or just call it quits if you know they are not gonna change. Always remember you deserve much better and don't stay just because you are afraid of being alone again. I know it is hard to walk away from a r/s that lasts more than 2 years, but if there was no improvement from your partner, then what's the point? Because they are never going to change, now that they're already comfortable with you, the more they wouldn't try to change! If you're daring enough to want to continue dating them, then please, DON'T COMPLAIN HOW FUCKED UP THEY ARE BECAUSE YOUR FRIENDS WOULD'VE TRIED CONVINCING YOU TO LEAVE BUT YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO SO, SO YOU JUST SUCK THUMB.

Enjoy your Sunday hunbuns